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Unleash Your Child's Learning Adventure

Enrol your child in Adventure Kids – a purpose built modern villa designed to stimulate young minds.

3 months - 6 years

7am-6pm Monday to Friday

About Adventure Kids

Welcome to Adventure Kids Early Learning Centre!


Adventure Kids Silverdale is a newly purpose built, homely-style modern villa. We are a privately-owned centre, located on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast. Our Centre is open 7.00am until 6.00pm and we are licensed for 78 children. At Adventure Kids we cater for 20 under two year old children and 58 over two year olds, split under different areas.


We pride ourselves on developing strong, solid relationships with our families and we believe communication is vital to the care and education of their child. 


At Adventure Kids we recognise and value the environment as a 'third teacher'. Through our home like country setting, filled with natural open spaces, vegetable gardens and fantastic outdoor opportunities, we strive to provide an environment where our tamariki develop as confident, competent learners who communicate and express themselves as individuals.

Don't miss your spot. We're filling out fast!

Enrol At Adventure Kids

At Adventure Kids, we believe that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers, and you know your children best.

Adventure Kids have an open door policy where we encourage parents to visit the centre as much as they like, when they like. Prior to your child joining us we encourage short pre-visits to assist with the settling in process. You are your child’s first and most important teacher. Parents’ know their children best and how long it will take to settle them into a new environment. We suggest the following as an example to an introduction to our centre:










Approximately 1 hour in the centre with you

Approximately 1 hour in the centre without you. Your child will need to be signed in, all documents signed and contact details available - we ask that you remain on centre grounds and feel welcome to relax with a coffee or cup of tea.

Approximately 1-2 hours in the centre without you (as 2nd visit)

Begin Enrolment!

To begin enrolment one of our lovely team members will provide you with our Adventure Kids enrolment pack. In here you will receive a parent information booklet, an enrolment form and further information regarding fees and additional information about your child.

Pop in to see us:

2104A East Coast Rd, RD3 Silverdale, 0993

Contact us today:

09 426 1377

027 287 9133


Opening hours


The centre is open 7.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. We are open all year round including the Christmas/New Year period (closed stat days only) for your convenience.

At Adventure Kids we offer competitive rates, flexible hours and government funded free hours to keep childcare costs as affordable as possible for our families.

Please contact us for a copy of our latest fee schedule and to discuss your childcare requirements.

waiting list

20 hours ECE

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. Our rooms at Adventure Kids fill up fast. Be quick to book your tour, request and return your enrolment forms.

If your preferred room is fully booked, we’ll add your child to our waiting list.

The government funds the cost of children aged 3-6 years to attend Early Childhood Education (ECE) for up to 20 hours per week. This funding is called 20 Hours ECE and is available for up to six hours a day for children in approved programmes, like Adventure Kids.

Childcare Subsidies & WINZ

When you are enrolling your child/ren don’t forget to check for any subsidies you are entitled to! The childcare subsidy may still be available if you need extra hours on top of 20 Hours ECE.


Every child aged 0-3 whose household income is less than a certain threshold is entitled to a 9-hour subsidy from WINZ.


If all the adults in the house are working or studying and not earning more than these thresholds, you may be entitled to more hours of subsidy from WINZ.


You can read more about it on the Ministry of Social Development, Ministry of Education and WINZ websites :

Safe And Natural Space For Your Child

Well above & beyond the Ministry of Education minimum spacing requirements to ensure your children can run freely on the grass, explore in nature, and relax under our big shaded tree.

More Spaces for Fun and Learning

A multi-tiered playground designed by the best in the industry to facilitate play-based learning. 

Modern Playground for Creative Minds

Our villa provides a setting where children and families feel welcomed and know they have a place within the centre. Once you walk through the door, you will feel that sense of belonging in a home-like setting.

What Our Parents Say

Nic Garner

Alice Crewther

"This place is totally awesome!!! Payton loves attending Adventure Kids and asks every morning if she is going to Kindy! The teachers are lovely and very welcoming. I highly recommend Adventure Kids."

"Absolutely amazing preschool for my little men! such caring teachers and wonderful nutritional food :)"

January 2018

January 2018

Charlotte Clare

"I love this place! Centre is beautiful and environments are great for child development and play. Teachers are caring and have so much fun with the kids. Highly recommend this centre."

February  2018

Inclusions in the Programme

Extra-curricular Activities

We offer Playball and Yoga. Playball is specialised sport coaching programme for preschoolers. While our Yoga programme aims to strengthen balance, flexibility and stamina that brings a positive change in mood and attitude, increased energy levels and the ability to focus. Both programmes are held at the centre once per week for a small charge.

Because it is more important for young children to learn confidence and how to play well with others, the sessions are non-competitive and designed to provide all children with the opportunity to participate at their own level and have fun!

As well as with other forms of exercise, Playball and Yoga helps the tamariki to improve their physical health and general wellbeing. Children learn social skills such as cooperation, communication, listening, sharing, teamwork and sportsmanship. The sessions also promote life skills such as a having a balanced lifestyle, a positive attitude and increased self-esteem, increased confidence and motivation, focus and listening skills, fair play, independence, persistence and leadership.

To find out more visit and talk to one of the teaching team on how to enrol your child in these weekly sessions.


To help parents, grandparents and other family members to follow the child's early learning journey we use an awesome  online portal and phone app called Storypark.

We capture your child's learning through videos, audio and artwork. This way you and your family are able to stay engaged in your child's development. The stories are shared only with those you approve.

Click below if you would like to understand a little more about how Storypark works:

Although we love to use Storypark to communicate with parents as an online platform, we still use paper portfolios available for each child. We believe this is important as children thoroughly enjoy the task of finding their own portfolio and reflecting on their past activities at Adventure Kids. It's a great way for children to engage in self recognition and their own personal development.


At Adventure Kids we provide healthy and nutritious home cooked meals (included in your fees) that incorporate all the food groups necessary for a healthy diet. We believe that this is essential for growing minds and bodies and helps with childrens development and learning.

This also means, that as a busy parent, you don’t have to prepare lunchboxes everyday, or worry too much about what you serve for dinner, as you can rest assured that after a day at Adventure Kids, your children have had all their nutritional requirements.

All our meals are prepared by our onsite chef, with seasonal menus designed and rotated on a 4-weekly basis. These are displayed on our Parent Noticeboard.

Early Learning for Babies to School Ready Adventurers



Approx. 0-2 Years

Approx. 2-3 Years

The babies room is an environment which is homely, warm and inviting...

Our toddler room environment is set up where children are able to make choices within...

Studio Capacity

Studio Capacity

Maximum 20

Approx 24


Transition To School Programme

Approx. 3-4.5 Years

Approx. 4.5-6 Years

Our preschool area works alongside our toddlers and children have...

The Transition to School Group is age and stage appropriate. We work in partnership with...

Studio Capacity

Studio Capacity

Approx 24

Approx 10

Where to Find Us

We're in a beautiful country style setting situated at

2104A East Coast Road, Silverdale

(Just two minutes from Bunnings Warehouse and PAK'nSAVE!)

Call to Book a Tour:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your child-teacher ratios?

Q. Do you supply Nappies and Infant Formula?

A. For children aged two and under our ratios are in aggregate 1:4 on a daily basis, and our preschool is in aggregate 1:8 on a daily basis.

A. No, the parent supplies all nappies and infant formula. Our centre provides all food and drink, wipes and sunscreen.

Q. Do you provide food?

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Yes, we have an onsite cook who provides daily balanced and nutritious meals. These include morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and a late snack if staying beyond 5pm. We follow the guidelines recommended by the heart foundation and ensure a variety of choices. Our cook is trained in food handling and follows the Food Act 2014 regulations.

A. Adventure Kids offer all 3-6 year olds 20 hours ECE. For general pricing, you can see our Fee Schedule here.

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